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WHOLESALE Necklace Bonanza! 30- Dreamcatchers. Only $1.50 ea. !


JUST IN! 12-Popular Hippie Bags! WHOLESALE-$5.50 ea!


6-Maya 16x80 Table Runners. WHOLESALE-$20.00 ea! *ORIGINAL DESIGNS ONLY!


New! 6-Wool Maya Modern Pillow Covers! WHOLESALE-$10 ea!


NEW! 2-Saltillo Hawkeye 4' X 6' Rugs. WHOLESALE-$33 ea!


30 Popular Dream Catchers.Wholesale-$2.75 ea!


Handwoven Southwest Pattern Rug. 32" X 64". WHOLESALE-$39 ea!


24 Colorful Mini Mexican Sombreros! WHOLESALE-$2.40 each!


24 Colorful 6" Mini Mexican Sombreros! WHOLESALE-$1.75 ea!




We have set up this site for our wholesale customers and potential future customers to save on special offers, closeouts, and/or test the market with our products without having to spend the normal minimum required for regular EPSB wholesale orders. We are still WHOLESALE ONLY to stores and dealers. We DO NOT sell to individuals for "personal" use.

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El Paso Saddleblanket Wholesale Showroon El Paso Saddleblanket World Headquarters
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